Battery maintenance proper use of lithium batteries

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In fact, the battery is not too much to take into account the use of attention, in other words to take into account is not much use. The number of times a cell can be used, more differences from individual differences in manufacturing the battery itself, instead of using the method. In addition to the quality of the battery itself, its battery life is limited. Once the battery off the production line, which began life passage. Whether you use lithium battery life of only two to three years.
   One important reason for the decline in battery capacity or due to increased internal resistance caused by oxidation, the last cell resistance will reach a certain point, although this time the battery is fully charged, the battery can not release the stored charge. Many friends think that the initial use of lithium batteries should be charging more than 16 hours, so as to fully activate the battery, in fact, doing so is no basis for this is the year the popular Ni-MH or Ni-Cd battery charging method for lithium-ion batteries It does not apply. Because this core lithium polymer battery, in theory, no memory effect, if any, is completely negligible. So only 3 hours or so the hub is entirely possible, if the display charging has been completed, and no need to use an external power supply, then you can unplug the power, do not have to wait such a long time.

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