Qingdao City, built 4000 waste battery recycling bins

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Families with how to deal with used batteries? Currently, there are nearly 4000 Qingdao waste battery recycling bins, recycling hundreds of tons per year of waste batteries. Lithium battery manufacturers introduced, ordinary batteries mercury content is very low, as household waste.
       "Where there are local income Qingdao used batteries?" 16, netizen "qingdaochs" Post said he accumulated a lot of used batteries, but does not know where to throw them. Few people have the same doubts, friends, "Wei Min" said he accumulated more than 200 batteries, do not know how to handle. Mr Li said that his family has kept a lot of used batteries, "does not mean very much used batteries pollute the environment? We did not dare to throw, only to save the home."
       How to deal with used batteries it? Qingdao Environmental Education Center staff, in 2003 the state issued a "waste battery pollution control technology policy", in accordance with the provisions under the technical and economic conditions of the lack of effective recovery, do not encourage centralized collection has been reached countries with low mercury or mercury-free requirements of disposable batteries. Reporters refer to the "Waste Battery pollution control technology policy" discovered, according to state regulations prohibit the production and sale of mercury batteries is greater than 0.025% by mass of zinc-manganese and alkaline manganese batteries; since January 1, 2005 to stop the production of mercury-containing greater than 0.0001% of alkaline manganese batteries. "Now people commonly AA, AAA batteries, basically reached the low mercury or mercury-free production standards can be used as ordinary household waste." This staff, rechargeable battery and button-type battery with serious pollution, should focus on recycling disposal, the public can not throw it away.
       Qingdao clean green waste battery recycling Ltd. Qingdao City, only a recycling of used batteries company, manager Qi Xiang, currently the company set up in the city of nearly 4000 waste battery recycling bins in supermarkets, schools, community and agencies and enterprises and others have set up. "We have made a number of large new recycling bins, ready to be turned relatively small, inconspicuous recycling bins gradually replaced." Qi Xiang, the new waste battery recycling boxes 1.5 meters high and 0.55 meters wide.
      Lithium is understood that Qingdao Year produce up to 1,000 tons of used batteries, but the recovery is only about one percent. "This year a rough estimate of what can only be recycled 100 tons." Xiang Qi introduced after the battery recycling will be sent to a factory in the northeast, be recycled.

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