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        Shenzhen first Power Energy Co., Ltd. established in 2010. That is a professional, focused on power lithium battery research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises. The company is electric motorcycles, medical equipment , electric bicycles , communications equipment , model toys, digital products, power tools , energy storage power plants and other industries to design and manufacturea variety of innovative lithium batteries. It is a leading lithium- ion battery module solutions and suppliers.
        The company's main products:18650 lithium battery, lithium polymer battery, lithium batteries for electric bikes, electric motorcycle lithium battery thinking car lithium battery, balancing machine lithium battery,lithium batteries, lithium batteries for medical instruments, industrial mobile lighting lithium battery, electric dynamic tools lithium battery, supporting industrial lithium battery, lithium battery detectiton instument, lithium battery UPS, unmanned aircraft lithium battery, model aircraft toy lithium battery, communication base station lithium various types of battery lithium battery and lithium battery products.

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