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In general, electric bicycle batteries commonly used in lithium ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries of these three, and currently on the market fitted with the most popular use is in front of the two cells, today we will have a lithium battery and lead-acid batteries to be a relatively large lateral, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of them.
Project Evaluation: Comparison of endurance
Running farther down the battery according to the test analysis experts in the quality advantages of lithium batteries, the longer battery life, the popular talk, that is, lithium-powered vehicles and other than lead-acid electric vehicles in mass average full charge of the situation .
Evaluation Project II: Comparison usage
Lithium battery cathode manganese dioxide is used, only a small drip can dip fever phenomenon. After the thionyl chloride batteries in contact with water, while generating hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide will be releasing a lot of heat, these factors will make the lithium battery hidden in the life of a "fire", and this shortcoming also requires we got to do a good job in the process of using it waterproof, wet work, in order to ensure safety, it is precisely because of this that makes lithium batteries more worrying. Therefore, the lithium battery is public recognition is relatively low, its sales naturally not very satisfactory.
Evaluation Project III: Comparison service
In contrast, lithium battery maintenance more difficult, and lead-acid batteries, but can be repaired, we can use the instrument can be manually or maintenance.
Evaluation Project IV: Price Comparison
It is understood that half the price of an electric car is spent on battery, one on the market in terms of price, much higher than lead-acid batteries lithium prices, empathy, assembling lithium-ion battery electric vehicle would be relatively expensive lot.
Compare Prospects: Evaluation project five
Although lithium batteries due to its easy to heat water as well as the phenomenon of relatively high prices making it difficult for the public to accept, but it began to prospects, the development of its greater potential, not only more compact lithium battery electric bicycle, continued ability to more strong, and more environmentally friendly. As a new type of energy is concerned, if it can better solve the above problems, and can be for different needs and use various types of research, such as the development of aqueous lithium batteries. Once achieved more success, and its prospects will be bright.

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