Note that the use of lithium battery fire

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  • Lithium batteries divided into two categories: non-rechargeable and rechargeable types. Non-rechargeable batteries called disposable batteries, it can only be a one-time chemical energy into electrical energy, electrical energy can not revert back to chemical energy (reducing or poor performance). The rechargeable battery is called secondary batteries (also called accumulator). Compiler that translates electrical energy into chemical energy stored in the use, and then convert chemical energy into electrical energy, which is reversible, as the main features of electrical energy to chemical energy lithium batteries.
    When using lithium batteries should also pay attention to fire, many people might be familiar from mobile phones began to lithium batteries. In fact, it has used in many household appliances. Needless to say, lithium battery efficient, lightweight and so on merit it being rapidly promote the use of open. But, you know, use carelessly, it will make you provoke "fire" upper body?
    Lithium battery has light weight, high efficiency, low temperature (-40 ℃) etc., 0.3mm thick, stamp-sized lithium battery can be used continuously for more than 5 years, in recent years, it is now being phased out with alkaline batteries and manganese batteries, widely used in many high-end home appliances and mobile phones.
    Unlike the active lithium manganese batteries and alkaline dry zinc chloride and potassium hydroxide aqueous electrolyte, which uses an organic solvent. Lithium battery cathode manganese dioxide, lead fluoride, thionyl chloride and other materials. Negative use of lithium metal foil anode with the general use of zinc chloride batteries compared to ionization tendency of strong, positive and negative voltage difference is large, thereby improving the work efficiency of lithium batteries.
    However, lithium batteries are often in the course of fever, burning phenomenon, the light affect the host to use, weight will cause a fire burned down the host. According to reports, in recent years, Japan has been the cause of more home fires caused by lithium batteries fever combustion occurs.
    So why lithium batteries fever, burning it? Many of the original lithium battery materials in contact with water, it can occur violent chemical reaction and release a lot of heat leading to fever, burning phenomenon. Manganese dioxide lithium battery cathode, only a small drip can dip fever phenomenon. After lithium thionyl chloride in contact with water, while generating hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide release of heat, several factors make life lithium batteries to become the "fire" and therefore people in the use of lithium batteries must pay attention to waterproof, wet. After a variety of host disabled, remove the lithium battery in a dry, low temperature at the proper custody, to prevent and avoid inappropriate use of lithium battery fires caused by household accidents occur.

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