Common lithium battery incidents have?

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  • Why lithium batteries will explode or burn. Burn or explode, usually because of heat accumulation and not spread out, the cumulative point to fire or heat within a certain spatial agglomeration to a certain extent, will happen. As a battery, summed up the above happens usually not the following four reasons.
    1, an internal short circuit (mostly soft pack macromonomer): defects in the structure or process within a very ear plug, diaphragm surplus parcels too small, glitch, diaphragm and other discounts. A very ear studs tend to appear in the structure thick battery and inner parallel, the tabs place insulation in place, and in the subsequent finished plus protection board or use easily lead to internal acute short out when burning or explosion (in the Short: This person is has a deep understand, was also scrapped 2K more this type of battery, actually belong to a design flaw - the essence exception: acute internal short circuit), but now it is rarely, unless external factors.
    2, external short circuit: 1AH following external battery short circuit caused by combustion explosion is rare, usually appear bulging or simply the very ears blown off a personal analysis or large-capacity battery cell phone battery short circuit caused by external combustion . This involves the improper use of customer - when installed metal enclosure does not consider tabs insulation, installed in the field on a battery smoke combustion anomalies; insufficient (thoughtless) battery is also common fixed structure measures in the user process of the battery pack shaking caused by an external battery insulating protective film or cable damaged skin damage, eventually leading to a short circuit burning.
    3, overcharge explosion: This is the most dangerous, but also the emergence of corporate fear, but still occasionally occur. From the understanding of the situation there are two points: a, the user is not required to use a matching charger, thus undermining the protection circuit and the user is often charged when the charging is limited, and this situation is not fried is immune; b, the battery with the group unreasonable and protection board failure in this case will be fried mess ... single battery empathy.
    4, battery material itself, but off. Material, but customs may overheat during the calibration voltage and current, the accident could occur.
    Based on the above analysis, if properly maintained can use lithium batteries as much as possible to avoid the above situation, we can tease out some ways to the:
    1, frequent depth of discharge: lithium battery is almost no memory, a lot of friends in the use of lithium or lithium car digital product, like the electricity used is not left (protection board protection) and then to charge, and in many people's eyes it is also an approach to activate the battery. In the lithium battery in case we run out of battery recharging called depth of discharge.
    In fact, the depth of charge and discharge of lithium batteries is that many people use when a major misunderstanding, scientists have concluded that the experiment, the depth of charge and discharge times in other environmental conditions is constant and the battery life is directly proportional to repeatedly charge and discharge battery life will lead to a premature end. The long end of life of the lithium battery can easily result in bulging, etc., causing an explosion.
    2, over-charge and discharge and charge and discharge current is too large: in this case is designed to protect the plate when charging unreasonable and frequently occur, we often prefer the device is fully charged after a while electric charge, so their equipment can anti-time longer, but many people do not know is that long-term overcharge and over-discharge of lithium batteries circumstances will cause serious injury and property damage, severe will lead to explosion extreme cases, the electric battery is full just fine, if the charger has been plugged in, sooner or later it will lead to tragedy.
    3, when the charge and discharge current and also the charger with the electrical current load is generally within the specified range, high current load can easily cause a short circuit inside the battery, thereby undermining the lithium ions, causing safety problems circuits. Similarly, the battery charger voltage, the reason is the same. So we should pay attention to when using the charger charger in the end to see if qualified.
    4, the working environment. Lithium battery are extremely sensitive to temperature, if long-term use is below freezing, may cause great harm and the impact on battery life. While long on the overheated environment will significantly reduce battery life, increased pressure within the explosion caused by serious, even if did not explode, the battery will quickly scrapped in high fever, a feeling some cases, unfortunately, because the pool of explosion the victims, most of the reason is because of its high temperature working environment caused.
    After experienced many accidents, manufacturers have finally the action for most of the current lithium battery manufacturers have increased protection devices, especially digital electronic products have increased to protect dual or multiple protection, try to avoid this from happening However, users who own consciousness strengthened, is still very important.

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