Lithium battery backup power supply energy storage gradual underlines the strength

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Existing energy storage market, including large-scale electricity storage, back-up power and energy storage household storage. Under the prior art, the lithium battery in the UPS energy storage price has increased significantly affected by the new energy vehicles, backup power market, the lithium battery will gradually expand the market space, power lithium batteries only, the next decade will It is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan. However, concerns multi-impact upstream and downstream industries, understand the market is booming premise.
Upstream pressure
Material prices
Lithium upstream resources sector showed significant oligopoly competition, the top three international brine giant SQM, Rockwood, FMC Lithium ore and the world's largest provider Talison occupy more than 90% market share.
Lithium Triangle accounted for half of the world's lithium resources, while production of more than 60% of the world, become the core of global lithium resources. In March this year, an outbreak of severe flooding lithium triangle, global market share of 27% of the world's largest provider SQM Lithium at Salar de Atacama production severely affected by supply contraction in the first half brought a sharp rise in the price of lithium. As of August 9, industrial grade lithium carbonate price of 47,100 yuan / ton, compared with last year rose significantly by 27.3%. Recently lithium ore prices have reached $ 480 / ton, the price has risen since the second quarter by 17%, significantly higher than the 2013-2014 annual average of 10% price increase.
Technical process needs to be improved
Our overall technological level of lithium battery power, compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. It is reported that Japan's average energy density of the battery to 30% -40% higher than the average level of China, the same capacity charging times can reach China several times.
"The current global lithium battery core technology substantially dominated by Japan, South Korea and other countries of the enterprises, local enterprises in technology research and development, although increased investment and effort, but no substantive breakthrough. At present, China lithium battery materials technology level is still biased low, mostly concentrated in the low-end products in the field. "Zheng Xuehao representation. The reason, in the field of lithium batteries of the lack of appropriate technical support, many products by the introduction of foreign technology. However, the introduction of technology, most of them are abroad in low-tech, high-end technology is difficult to be introduced, while China itself and the lack of high-end performance of the lithium battery research.
Battery separator film is one of the four key raw material lithium-ion battery production processes include wet process and dry process. Consultants recently published "China's lithium-ion battery separator industry white papers," pointed out that in the field of membrane dry, dry diaphragm now basically relatively mature, competition is more intense in terms of relatively wet, and substantially completely replace imported diaphragm facing downward pressure on prices. Biaxially oriented higher strength, thinner membrane wet field, currently still in the early stage of import substitution. The competition in the future will focus on the membrane industry competition wet membrane products. That is, the lithium battery material production, but also at the low end of the level of international competition in the future, will face enormous pressure.

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