The normal use of the proper use of lithium batteries should be when to start charging?

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    The lithium battery can often see this argument, because the number of charging and discharging is limited, so it should be possible to run out of cell phone battery power to recharge. But I found on a lithium-ion battery charge and discharge cycle test table, on the cycle life data is listed below:
Cycle life: 10% DOD> 1000 times, 100% DOD cycle life:> 200 times DOD is the depth of discharge abbreviation. Seen from the table, the depth of charge and discharge times, 10% DOD cycle life than when the 100% DOD for much longer. Of course, if equivalent to the relative total capacity of the actual charge: 10% * 1000 = 100,100% * 200 = 200.
The latter a full charge and discharge, or better than some, but in front of friends do say that some of the amendments: Under normal circumstances, you should have a reservation in accordance with the principle of remaining battery power runs out charging rechargeable, but if your battery in the first two days you can not be expected to persist throughout the day, when they should start on time charge, of course, if you are willing to back the charger to the office again a different matter.


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